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The demands for Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Biorisk management have dynamically changed over the past several years. Highly publicized events involving issues of Biocontainment, public and global health, and Biosecurity have raised public and legislative alarm. CBRNe Solution in co-operation with some of the highly respectable Bio-Science/BioMedical companies providing the quality services that enable clients to execute their core business with confidence. From developing Small Experimental Animal Test Facility to developing other Bio-Safey Labs, clients trust our expertise and responsiveness to keep their businesses running safely and efficiently. Our quality control processes can accommodate Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Access end-to-end biosciences expertise, from diagnostics to solutions and from project/program management through construction. We have the turnkey resources in place to address, support and serve the specialized design, construction and manufacturing needs of the bioscience industry. You can move from molecule to market quickly with our Biosciences team.

Our core services include:

BIORISK: BIO RISK management is a comprehensive approach to the overall biosafety and biosecurity needs for any institution handling infectious biological material. Alliance Biosciences team of biosafety and biosecurity experts, along with our in-house full-service engineering group, can help you plan and execute a highly-effective BIORISK management program. Reach out to Alliance Biosciences for expert guidance with:

  • BIORISK assessments
  • Emergency response preparedness
  • BIORISK program management
  • Infectious agent inventory management
  • Bio Safety Manual & SOP development
  • Containment facility evaluations
  • Custom Biosafety training
  • Required Select Agent annual exercise


Animal Research Protocol Development

Appropriate animal research protocol models ensure the protocol meets current regulatory requirements and prepare the protocol for IACUC review.


BIODESIGN: BIO DESIGN services provide an integrated approach to plan and effectively execute your project. We provide biosafety and engineering expertise, deliver construction management, and certify, commission, and train your personnel offering a turnkey approach to your biocontainment lab project. It’s this cumulative expertise that makes Alliance Biosciences leaders in the industry. Reach out to our Biosciences expert guidance with:

  • Conceptual planning of Bio Containment labs
  • Basis of Design development & guidance
  • Preconstruction architectural & engineering evaluation
  • Full-service architectural and engineering capabilities:
    • civil, structural, architectural (CSA)
    • mechanical/HVAC, electrical/controls, piping/plumbing (MEP)
  • Biosafety and biosecurity program and facility development
  • Program & project management
  • Construction management
  • Animal research facilities & vivariums
  • Commissioning & Certification
BIOCERTIFIED: Commissioning and certification are not the “last steps” in a biocontainment lab project; they are part of the entire lifecycle. Don’t wait until your lab is built to assign a commissioning and certification team. Get CBRNe Biosciences on-board early for guidance with:

  • Lab conceptual planning
  • Design consultation
  • Commissioning and certification/verification timeline and budget development
  • Commissioning master plan development
  • Facility-specific certification/verification audits
  • Final execution of commissioning and certification/verification evaluations
  • Facility annual re-verifications
  • Facility decommissioning


BIOMENTOR: Alliance Biosciences is one of the few biosafety and biosecurity consulting firms with the resources to fortify your biosafety program by placing one of our experts on-site at your institution. Nearly all biosafety and biosecurity programs can benefit from our Biosciences’ BIOMENTOR Program. Whether you are just getting started with a new containment lab, need operational guidance with the Select Agent program (IBC), or have a temporary vacancy, an Alliance Biosciences’ Mentor can bring industry-leading knowledge to bear at your institution. Our experts are former agency, private industry, or academic biosafety and biosecurity professionals with the ability to help manage any program at any level of complexity. We are prepared to assist your team with:

  • NIH, APHIS and CDC audit and inspection preparedness
  • BSO, IBC, IACUC and IRB program managerial duties
  • Custom biosafety training
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen regulatory program development & training
  • Select Agent program guidance and readiness
  • On-site laboratory and program management
  • Medical and laboratory waste program management
Onsite Support:Through onsite support services, our Scientific and Technical professionals become a seamless extension of your team, augmenting your in-house research and development expertise. Quality assurance and flexible approach drive operational efficiencies that produce cost savings. Our quality control processes can accommodate Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

  • Animal resource program management
  • Facility and equipment operations
  • Laboratory animal care
  • Veterinary medical and technical procedures
  • Quality assurance and technical training
  • Technical research support
  • Regulatory and accreditation assistance


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