Why Choose Us?

CBRNe Solution is a premier defence company in the country. It is an affiliation of CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) domain expert professionals who are available to support you and be part of your organisation’s team. Our team of elite experts consists of members from a Defence, Homeland Security or Emergency Response background and have vast experience in delivering CBRNe solutions to the Military, Government agencies and Corporate / Industrial organisations.

Today as a reliable partner, CBRNe Solution supports their customer with pioneering conceptual solutions for CBRNe Detection, Decontamination, Protection, Evacuation and Casualty Management Systems. CBRNe Solution provide bespoke training package or deliver a range of training courses covering CBRN, IED, Explosive, Fighter Aircraft and Naval systems.

CBRNe Solution has also diversified into BioMedical in co-operation with some of the internationally known Bio-Medical companies for India.

CBRNe Solution confidently presents “Systems on Demand”, custom tailored to the needs of the customers.