CBRNe Solution is an affiliation of CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) domain expert professionals who are available to support you and be part of your organisation’s team. Our team of elite experts consists of members from a defence (Army, Navy, Airforce), Homeland Security or Emergency Response background and have vast experience in delivering CBRNe solutions to the Military, Government agencies and Corporate/Industrial organisations. They have also worked extensively with the industry to develop & deliver effective and optimal CBRNe capability. We are offering professional and wholesome assistance and guidance to organisations for meeting their CBRNe challenges and needs.

CBRN threats from accidental releases, disaster situations and deliberate actions by terrorists are a reality. It is a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ that CBRN terrorist threats will manifest in our midst. CBRNe Solution can assist your organisation in identifying CBRN threats, assessing vulnerabilities, CBRN security plan formulation, equipment requirement planning and training curricula.

Today as a reliable partner, CBRNe Solution supports their customer with pioneering conceptual solutions for CBRNe Detection, Decontamination, Protection, Evacuation and Casualty Management Systems and has convinced the experts of its proficiency with outstanding results. The products prove themselves by their handling and durability and have set standards for the future.

CBRNe Solution provide bespoke training package or deliver a range of training courses covering CBRN/IED/Explosive/Fighter Aircraft and Naval systems. All our training programs are designed by our International partners who are designated OEM authorised training companies in training programs.

The demands for Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Biorisk management have dynamically changed over the past several years. Highly publicized events involving issues of Biocontainment, public and global health, and Biosecurity have raised public and legislative alarm. CBRNe Solution in co-operation with some of the highly respectable Bio-Science/BioMedical companies providing the quality services that enable clients to execute their core business with confidence. From developing Small Experimental Animal Test Facility to developing other BioSafey Labs, clients trust our expertise and responsiveness to keep their businesses running safely and efficiently.

CBRNe Solution confidently presents “Systems on Demand”, custom tailored to the needs of the customers.