Bioflash-E Biological Identifire

The BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier — A rapid, biological aerosol collection & identification system.

PathSensors’ BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier is rugged, highly-portable and incorporates a high-volume, high-performance aerosol sampler for indoor/outdoor applications.

Incorporating the CANARY® technology, the BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier provides rapid, sensitive and specific identification of up to 21 biological threat agents. The portable and compact BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier offers breakthrough capabilities in sampling performance, reliability and operational cost.

Technology You Can Count On

The BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier uses proprietary aerosol collection technology and MIT Lincoln Labs developed CANARY® detection technology to offer a complete, stand-alone solution for biological identification. The BioFlash-E® provides a low-risk, cost-effective solution to biological sampling and identification.

CANARY® technology has been tested at Dugway Proving Ground, ECBC and Battelle Memorial Labs. The technology has been validated through its use in a government building security biomonitoring system.

The BioFlash-E® Delivers Efficiency, Value, Portability, Speed and Convenience

• Integral aerosol sampling capability for high-efficiency sample collection
• Particle collection of 1-10 micron size particles
• Proven technology
• Low operational and maintenance costs
• Compact and lightweight design
• Easy to use and decontaminate
• PCR levels of sensitivity and specificity
• Low false-alarm rates

Note: Can be configured as a stand-alone device, used in tiered detection architectures to include a trigger and confirmatory sampler, or as an integrated component subsystem.

BioFlash-E® Has a Wide Range of Markets and Applications

Military force protection
Stand-alone field portable biological detection and identification
Facility security monitoring
As an identifier component for integrated biological detection systems
Urban biological monitoring and event monitoring
Biological identifier for reconnaissance vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles and mobile labs

Portability and Convenience — Ergonomic Design Makes the
BioFlash-E® the Easiest-to-Use Identifier on the Market

PathSensors has designed the BioFlash-E® with the assistance of end-users and industrial designers to provide portability, ease-of-use, low maintenance and user safety. The BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier’s balanced design is lightweight and rugged to survive today’s toughest environments. With enlarged, sealed pushbuttons and an expansive display screen, the BioFlash-E® is easy to set up, use and decontaminate while wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

The BioFlash-E® utilizes the BioDisc™, a unique disposable integrated collection, reagent storage and test chamber. The operator simply inserts the BioDisc™ and the BioFlash-E® automatically collects and identifies up to 21 potentially hazardous biological agents. The simple and safe “remove and replace” procedure takes less than 2 minutes to complete, requiring minimal user training.

The BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier Specifications:

Power Requirements: External110-220VAC,50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 60Watts nominal

Flow Rate: 480LPMwith integral flow regulation

Size: 12”widex16”deepx12.5”high

Weight: 35pounds

Operating Temp. Range: 10°Cto40°C(50°Fto104°F)

Sampling Time: User selectable, nominal one minute

Sensitivity: 50 ACPLA with single test probability of false-alarm (PFA) <0.05%and>98%probability of Identification (PD)

Response Time: 3minutes

Assay Format: Proprietary16-channeldisccontainingall necessary reagents and consumables which can be configured for upto 21 agents

User Interface: Sealed touch – pad controls with large LCD display easily usable and viewable in personal protective equipment

Decontamination: BioFlash-E® has smooth surfaces and minimal hard-to-clean areas so external Surface scan be sprayed or rinsed with alcohol or bleach