Biolab : Mobile Biological (BWA) Lab


The New Generation of Modular Detection Vehicles

Each lab has all the proper equipment, systems and infrastructure to ensure the capacity to act with full confidence and autonomy, thanks to the adequate working space for the laboratory personnel. They are endowed with the necessary to carry out operations with a range of at least 72 hours.

The laboratories can carry out their mission in a contaminated environment, having a ventilation and CBRN filtration system.

They have a “closed” area for the entry of personnel, preceding the the laboratory entrance, consisting of the decontamination area to prevent direct access to the laboratory, thus avoiding the entrance of contamination.

Biolab includes the following main identification equipment:

Biological identification system, thermocycler with independent optical modules, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique capable of real time processing several samples at the same time, easy to use.

Automatic system of biological identification with immunological automatic technology.

Manual identification system with immunological technique.

Microscopy system for the visualization of germs.

Fixed/portable concentrator device with probe, take samples of air (aerosol) outside to handle inside the high-security cabin, for subsequent identification.


The B-LAB may operate in areas exposed to C. B. and R. biologically contaminated, the personnel can operate in absolute safety, guaranteeing complete air filtration (in emission and expulsion) with carbon active filters (NBC filters) and HEPA filters.

The purpose of Shelter B-LAB is to enable the identification of bio agents by means of analysis of various matrices (liquids, solids, aerosols, wipes).

Shelter B-LAB is characterized by its rapid deployment and simplicity and autonomy of utilization.

It is operational within 30÷60 minutes from the time of arrival (with only two operators) and is able to give reliable results within 3-4 hours with the right instruments available. It is autonomous, self-unloading, fitted with a clean water tank of 1.000 litre capacity and can guarantee the operation for at least 72 hours, without external resources.

Furthermore it is realized with stainless steel components and building techniques to allow the interchangeability and the decontamination of its parts. It requires a minimal maintenance and it is fit to operate in climatic conditions in zones A1 and C1 as foreseen in STANAG 4370.