CBRN / NBC Ambulance

We have manufactured CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulances for various clients around the world. Each Ambulance is custom made as per the client’s requirements and needs. Each client has its own technical requirement. Some of the basic features of OWR Filter Fitted Ambulances are as follows:

CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance Carrier Vehicle is having gas-tight and over-pressurized box body compartment with CBRN filter and air conditioning system following NATO MIL-STD

CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have Box body with two rear doors (incl. sealed windows) and one side door (incl. sealed window) Ambulance is Fitted with CBRN filters (particle and activated carbon) to supply air for minimum 6 people (optional up to 10 people) It has Additional Oxygen Cylinder to supply minimum 4 people for minimum 1 h with medical oxygen (treatment of gas intoxications) CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance’s First priority: patient transport under CBRN protected conditions
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance’s Second priority: Medical Treatment during transportation
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have Storage for Emergency Medical Equipment like Suction apparatus, Resuscitation equipments, First Aid Equipment and Antidote to treat acute intoxications with chemical warfare agents and toxic industry chemicals
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have 4 stretcher system (up to 4 stretchers can be carried at the same time)
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance can transport 1 critical care patient (laying on vacuum madras, full critical care medical equipment) or 4 medium injured patients (laying, basic medical equipment, oxygen supply)
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have Set of patient documentation cards to speed up the workflow in the hospitals
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have Additional sitting capacity for 1 or 2 paramedics inside the care containment
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance Driver and Co-Driver during the operation will be wearing full face protection mask with filter canister (filter mode for low toxic conditions) and optional air supply (SCBA mode for high toxic conditions), additional drinking water supply for long term missions.
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have Fast Decontamination Equipment to decontaminate the ambulance vehicles (in case of an outside contamination) before reaching the entrance of the hospital. This Equipment can not be part of the vehicle and must be stored in CBRN incident prepared hospitals.
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have Ruggedized Notebook with extensive HazMat (chemical and biological compounds) and medical database (symptoms and antidote database). Printer to produce attachments out of the database for the patient’s documentation cards to speed up the workflow in the hospitals.
CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance have GPS system to locate and co-ordinate the ambulance vehicles from the HQ