CBRN/NBC Detection Vehicle


The New Generation of Modular Detection Vehicles

Mobile detection is the key to dis-aster control. CBRNe threats re-main part of the reality of life. To deal effectively with these scen-arios, it is essential that the appro-priate technology is at hand.

CBRN incidents can only be reliably identified and managed by precise detection, comprehensive data management and secure commu-nications. A highly mobile platform with sufficient self protection can approach the location and conduct detection missions. Data is reported and used to take appropriate action in order to minimize effects.

OWR’s “Z-Series” detection sys-tems are designed around the demands of the customer and enable CBRNe reconnaissance teams to conduct their operations to the highest performance. A wide variety of analytical capabilities enables the crew to respond to all expected scenarios within a short time and to provide the best analytical data. Specialized expert data bases help to identify the target substances within any environmental background and lead the teams to correctly assess the threat. By gaining control of the situation and triggering follow-up action these teams protect the people and their environment.

High performance detection systems designed by OWR are tailored to the needs and criteria of the clients. With its team of experts and industry partners OWR guarantees adequate operational training and full in-service support for the customer.