CBRN Hazmat Vehicle

CBRN/TIM sampling equipment™ is a dynamic, field sampling collection kit designed for sampling of all types of chemical, biological and radiological agents, including toxins and other toxic industrial materials.

This equipment is especially designed for First Responders and can be used for the following types of sample material:


The CBRN/TIM sampling equipment™ is designed for first responders (emergency responders), military or other operational forces requiring the ability to conduct effective field sample collection during a CBRN -event, either it is a man-made or an accidentally event.

This sampling kit is an easy-to-use kit with all the equipment and procedures necessary for a proper sample collection. Sampling equipment included in this kit is sterile glassbottles, test tubes, syringes, spoons, scalpel, tweezers, scissors, seals, gasbags, gloves and forms for sample.

Documentation, including detailed procedural guidelines. The sampling equipment is stored in a waterproof case and the case is furnished with shock absorbing materiel to protect the equipment.