CBRN: Transport of Hazardous Samples

CBRN Transport packaging is designed for safe transportation of hazardous CBRN samples as well as toxic industrial chemicals. It is easy to handle even wearing full protection clothing. The trans­portation package is approved for air, land and sea transports with no risk of leakage or dispersal of the sample matter. The package consists mainly of a case and a transportation container.

The case is made out of plywood with aluminium-reinforced edges. On the outside there is a holder for UN signs. The case is furnished with shock absorbing material to protect the container. The lid is attached to the rear end of the case and is locked with four toggle fasteners. Inside the case there
is a documentation compartment where UN signs, seals, transportation documents, test documents, manual, and spare parts list are stored.

Transportation Container:
The transportation container is made of stainless steel and consists of a container, a steel lid, two shock absorbing inserts, a shock absorbing lid, a seal ring and absorbent material.
Inside the container, are two shock-absorbing inserts. The inserts are specially designed to house either 1 litre or 250 ml assaying vessel.

The outer, larger, insert is enclosed in absorbent material with an absorbency of 1 litre. There is also extra absorbent material provided to fill out any vacant space. The sealing between the container and the lid is a seal ring, situated in a groove in the flange of the container.


Dimensions: 365x365x585 mm
Weight, empty (incl. fittings): 12.4 kg

Transportation container
Dimensions: 250×367 mm
Weight, empty(incl. fittings): 8 kg
Pressure tested to 300 kPa
Temperature range: – 40 to + 80 °C

There are four heavy-duty toggle fasteners for bracing and locking the lid. To prevent uneven traction on the lid the locking arms are carefully adjusted and locked when manufactured. All toggle fasteners have a safety pin that can be inserted when they are taut. The safety pin is attached to the fastener with a thin chain.

CBRN Transportation packaging is approved for transportation by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden according to the regulations of ADR, RID, IMDG, ICAO, IATA and UN.

UN No. Description
2810 Toxic liquid, organic, n.o.s., class 6.1.
2814 Infectious substance affecting humans, class 6.2
2900 Infectious substance, affecting animals only, class 6.2.
2908 Radioactive material, excepted package-empty packaging
2909 Radioactive material, excepted package -articles manufactured from natural uranium or depleted uranium or natural thorium.
2910 Radioactive material, excepted package-limited quantity of material.
2911 Radioactive material, excepted package- instruments or articles
2927 Toxic liquid, corrosive, organic, N.O.S, class 6.1, packing group 1.
2928 Toxic solid, corrosive, organic, N.O.S, class 6.1, packing group 1.
3172 3172    Toxins extracted from living sources, liquid, N.O.S, class 6.1, packing group 1
3278 Organophosphorus compound, toxic, solid, liquid, n.o.s., class 6.1.
3289 Toxic liquid, corrosive, inorganic, N.O.S, class 6.1, packing group 1.
3290 Toxic solid, corrosive, inorganic, N.O.S, class 6.1, packing group 1.
3373 Biological substance, category B.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials the package is also approved for transportation of other materials allowed for transportation with similar packaging requirements. UN labels for the above listed UN numbers are included in the package, while UN labels for other materials with similar packaging requirements can be included in the package.