Decontamination System.


In the case of chemical contamination, toxic industrial, biological and radiological as a result of terrorist attacks, industrial accidents, emergencies and natural disasters, decontamination (remediation) is a critical step in the defense and mitigation of such events.

Cristanini offers concrete solutions in the field of CBRN decontamination and protection, both civil and military, with decontamination systems and products suitable for mass action and capable of dealing with CBRN emergencies.

Chemical Contamination

Chemical contamination means the deliberate (terrorist attacks) or accidental use of harmful substances to humans, materials and environment. This includes CWA (Chemical Warfare Agent) and their precursors, TICs (Toxic Industrial Chemicals), hazardous (HAZMAT) and those chemicals that, by type or quantity, can cause situations of risk and danger.

Biological Contamination

Biological contamination is the deliberate (terrorist attacks) or accidental use of pathogens from war BWA (Biological Warfare Agent), in the emergency caused by epidemics and zoonoses and in situations related to poor sanitary conditions (whether endemic or arising from emergency situations).

Radiological and Nuclear Contamination

RN Contamination may also arise from the use of nuclear-loading weapons and from the presence of uncontrolled radioactive sources. This risk category also includes dirty bombs and accidental discovery of orphan sources or radioactive waste.

Our philosophy

Our CBRN decontamination and detoxification systems are a quick and practical response to risks, threats and emergency situations: solutions for CBRN decontamination represent the

smost effective and easy way to implement at the critical moment of the emergency.

The one-one-one philosophy means that you can operate with only one operator, one machine and one decontaminant product anytime, anywhere. This innovative concept introduced improvements in the traditional teaching and clear examples are: the Sanijet C.921 system, the SANIJETGUN spear, the BX24 decontaminating product. Systems to safely clean explosive devices, shelters for mass decontamination, mobile laboratories and decontamination system SX34 dedicated to small and large surfaces, integrate our proposals.

The contemporary threat requires a flexible response capable to cover asymmetric, complex, nonlinear, global and constantly evolving scenarios. Only through the integration of different systems is possible to provide real-time capability without significant logistics costs, allowing the convergence of decontamination products with the systems themselves, providing an answer to 360 degrees. In the decontamination and detoxification family, Cristanini developed the BX24 product, the only multi-spectrum, multi-agent, non-aggressive scavenger and detoxifier that: reduces the chance of operator error, reduces logistics costs, simplifies operations and respects the environment.

CBRN decontamination

The traditional method of CBRN decontamination requires each phase to be performed in a dedicated area (decontamination strip). This method requires to move the vehicle causing the side contamination all along the strip.

Cristanini’s method for CBRN decontamination and detoxification allows to perform the three phases with a single operator, a single system, a single scavenger and detoxifier product in one area. The advantages are:

a. reduction of required personnel and systems;

b. greater safety for personnel working protected in an area at risk;

c. reduction of water consumption and environmental contamination of the site;

d. faster operations;

e. lower logistics costs.

CBRN decontamination and detoxification systems

In order to intervene most effectively and efficiently in any situation of emergency and in special operations, CBRN decontamination and detoxification systems are divided into different types:

Portable CBRN decontamination and detoxification systems: PSDS 1,5 and 10 MIL;

CBRN decontamination and detoxification systems of medium and large capacity: SANIJET C.921, SANIJET C. 921 EL, CBRN decontamination SHELTER 2, DDMAS operating platforms for thorough CBRN decontamination;

RI/CBRN decontamination and detoxification system, highly projectable to special operations;

Mobile laboratories for the identification of CBRN contamination: MOBILE DEPLOYABLE BIO LAB, MOLBILE DEPLOYABLE CHEM LAB and MOBILE DEPLOYABLE RAD LAB;

Systems for tanks degasification and sanitizing of containers for drinking water;

Inflatable tents and shelters for mass decontamination;

Decontamination showers;

Systems for the remote and safe defusing of explosive devices and varieties of war, using the CBRN decontamination unit SanijetC.921.

All our systems comply with NATO STANAG specifications, are AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001 Certified, have NATO Stock Number (NSN), are approved and comply with current CE international standards.

Aware that the effectiveness of our systems is proportional to the number of lives saved in case of contamination and CBRN event, we chose to test and certify our products in independent and worldwide recognized laboratories, in order to provide certainty to those responsible for the choice of systems from which it may depend the lives of many people in CBRN area.

In any emergency we will attend, we will be your solution.