The Indoor NBC-Protective Tent is a complete Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection System designed for use at home or at the office. The tent provides a safe protected space for a maximum of 6 persons for an extended period of time.

The Tent System consists of:

Protective tent with overhead rope supports
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical filters in the blower
Zippered entry to the tent to prevent the loss of positive pressure
Filter-blower unit is powered by an electric motor and has a manual hand crank back-up drive easily operable by one person
Filter-blower removal of coarse particles from the intake air
Emergency light functional in manual operation
The system components are packed in a special container for rapid deployment
Can be made fully operational in less than 15 minutes

Pre-Filter Specifications

Air intake is provided with a replaceable pre-filter cartridge with a filter class G3 in accordance with standard EN 779.

NBC Filter Performance

Gas filter capacity for Blister Agents (such as Mustard Gas) min. 2.2kg
Gas filter capacity for Nerve Agents (such as Sarin, Soman, VX) min. 0.25kg
Gas filter capacity for Generally Poisonous Gases (such as Hydrogen Cyanide) min. 0.26kg
Gas filter efficiency for removal of radioactive methyl iodine I131, CH3 99.995% for dry air (RH max. 60%) provided the activated carbon is dry
Particle filter for particles with size distribution between 0.1 and 0.3μm better than 99.995% measured in accordance with standard DIN 24183

Ventilation System Performance

Nominal airflow rates:
50m³/h in electric motor drive
35m³/h in hand crank drive
The ventilation flow rate is designed to keep the carbon dioxide (CO2) content below 0.5 vol.% even when the protective tent is occupied by the maximum number of persons for an extended period of time
Minimum positive pressure sustained in the Protective Tent 25Pa

Blower Unit Specification

Electric motor 125V, 65Hz (or 230V, 50Hz), 190W, 1-phase
Hand crank for manual operation. Max. power input in manual blower operation 60W
6V mini-generator feeding a 3W emergency light in manual blower operation

Protective Tent Specification

Floor material
PVC-coated 1100dtex polyester fabric
Material of side walls and ceiling
Polyurethane and silicone coated 235dtex polyamide fabric


Packed: 580 x 790 x 980mm
(L x W x H)
Deployed size of Protective Tent: 2500 x 3710 x 2100mm
(L x W x H)
Inside area of Protective Tent: 7.4m²
Total weight: 70kg