Mobile Bio Safety Level 3 Lab

Oshonik Vision is happy to bring you the Mobile Biological Safety Laboratories from Germfree. Germfree provides primary and secondary containment within mobile and modular laboratories that serve as the foundation to support BSL-3 operations (BSL-3 labs also require proper procedures and administrative controls). Germfree will partner with you to develop proper primary containment enclosures (Biological Safety Cabinets) as well as the secondary containment configuration of the BSL-3 laboratory.

Germfree systems have been purchased by more than 6,000 institutions and companies in the U.S. and 60 other countries worldwide. Our equipment has even gone into space.

Mobile Laboratories

In response to the growing need to bring laboratory capability to the field for fast, on-site diagnostics and sustainable laboratory capabilities, Germfree, in partnership with the US Army, pioneered the design and deployment of mobile containment laboratories. Originally built for Department of Defense missions, mobile laboratories increasingly support a wide variety of non-military missions in diverse, custom applications including All Hazard Receipt Facilities, Department of Agriculture, various Departments of Environment, Public Health Laboratories, First Responders and Civil Support Teams.

In high-consequence disease outbreaks, speed, analytic reliability, safe sample handling and transport are assets provided by mobile labs. Rapid deployment could help prevent further transmission of disease and aid in maintaining quarantine zones. When not deployed, the laboratory can be operated via landline connections and provide space for diagnostic training programs and surge capacity at the main laboratory. Mobile laboratories can be provided up to BSL-3 specifications.

Germfree’s Mobile Laboratories are designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Labs can be built on a wide variety of platforms including trucks, trailers and shipping containers. Mobile laboratory platforms provide efficient use of space, and flexibility. Because the laboratory is custom-designed, the possibilities for equipment integration to meet specific and diverse challenges are nearly limitless. Mobile labs are designed to be easily cleaned and decontaminated using on-board gaseous decontamination generators.