About Us

OshoCorp Global is a premier defence company in India, providing security solutions equipments related to Chemical - Biological - Radiation – Nuclear – Explosive ( CBRNe / NBC ) Detection, Protection, Decontamination & Evacuation, Short & Long Range Night Vision Devices, Specialized Detective Dogs and many other equipments related to Internal and external security of a country.

The highest risk of any CBRNe disaster is from local and international terrorism. These terrorist can hit anywhere, anytime & one should be fully equipped to handle such terror related situations. The availability and production of NBC weapons cannot be controlled as in the case of conventional weapons. Realizing this, many countries have started to take serious measures for the protection of civilians and military against the effect of NBC contamination.

Also the increase in the number of nuclear and petro-chemical plants, as well as developments in biological sciences, has increased the risk of an industrial NBC disaster. In order to combat this growing threat of NBC contamination, the development of detection and decontamination systems is vital.

The threat of disaster involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) agents is a very real possibility in today’s global environment. We leverages state-of-the-art technology to help disaster response personnel meet the challenge of a CBRN attack.

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