Indian Army awards MAKE II Agreement to OshoCorp For Anti Tank Guided Missile System (ATGM)

OshoCorp Global has been accorded Project Sanction Order (PSO) for development & supply of Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) as per Make II guidelines of Ministry of Defence, Government of India. The selection process has been conducted over 3 years.
The present ATGM systems in use with Indian Army are of 2nd Generation based on vintage technology and have been in service for more than three decades. The current system is deficient in advanced technologies, primarily the guidance parameters and capability to fight both during day and night. Hence, it is imperative that our Infantry soldiers is equipped with an advanced high technology based ATGM system with better accuracy, day and night capabilities and increased survivability which also lends itself to higher mobility due to its weight configuration to meet the enhanced threat.
OshoCorp design & engineering team has been working on development of ATGM project as per the end-user requirements with our global technical partner and confident to manufacture the same as per the Make II guidelines.

The new ATGM under development with OshoCorp will have better accuracy, enhansed lethality, higher kill probablity, day night operation capability and ensure better survivablity for the operating crew.

The project will help our country towards self reliance in specialised ATGM manufacturing technology and fulfill the Prime Minister’s vision of AtmaNirbhar Bharat.
OshoCorp will initially develop Launcher – 01 Nos, Missile: 06 Nos with 02 Nos with warhead and Simulator 01 Nos for trial and approval, subsequently produce Quantity Launcher – 101 Nos, Missile: 2330 with warhead and Simulator 06 Nos.
This project is being executed by OshoCorp’s weapons and Ammunition division “vSalute”. The project has huge potential to generate future domestic & export business.
OshoCorp Global Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with NCAGE No. 1691Y (NATO). OshoCorp is in receipt of multiple Defence Industrial Licences (DIL) from Goverment of India for manufacturing Restricted & Sensitive Defence Systems.
OshoCorp as a reliable partner supports their client base with pioneering conceptual Defence Solutions to improve sustainability and self-reliance of the Armed Forces.