CBRNePreparedness Planning

  • a) Big Sporting Event
  • b) Government Infrastructure
  • c) Preparing CBRN Excellence Centres
  • d) National/State/District Level Disaster Management teams
  • e) Para-Military Forces and Police
  • f) Sea Ports / Air Ports
  • g) Oil Refineries / Power Plants
  • h) Private Companies / Hotels
  • i) Fire Department

Desired response can only be delivered if there has been detailed planning for such CBRN eventualities.
CBRNe Solution conducts Threat and Vulnerability scans to work out effective response. Preparedness is the key to survival, and hence we advice on all aspects of preparedness viz. Site preparation, manpower, training and equipping.
We assist in making SOPs and Evacuation and mitigation plans for specific clients needs.