Vire : CBRN First Responder - Hazmat Vehicle

VIRE is a vehicle for first aid teams (now internationally known as the FIRST RESPONDER/HAZMAT TEAMS).

Il VIRE was designed to promptly recognize CBRN aggressive arising from toxic substances resulting from natural disasters, industrial disasters, accidents or terrorist acts.

Il VIRE performs the initial detection and identification, to provide sufficiently specific information quickly and allow the immediate reaction of other departments to mitigate the effects resulting from CBRN events.

The main features of VIRE are as follows:

Offers high mobility, autonomy and flexibility in employment.

Ensures low visibility. It is not immediately and clearly recognizable as a vehicle of the forces.

Is equipped with the latest generation of portable instrumentation able to readily identify CBRN threats from toxic substances resulting from natural disasters, industrial disasters, accidents or terrorist acts.VIRE is able to:

Detect and maintain the first level identification (Provisional Identification) of CBRNWA (NBC war aggressive) ICT and TIM (toxic industrial materials).

Deliver solid and liquid substances suspected of BC contamination and stock them appropriately, without altering their chemical, physical and biological properties for subsequent analysis.

Carry out immediate and operational CBRN Decontamination using the PSDS/10 MIL system and the BX 24 decontamination/detoxification product.

Perform immediate decontamination of sensitive equipment for identification installed on board through the SX 34 system.


Emergency Rapid Identification Vehicle for the detection and the identification of CBRN aggressive agents and TICs. Provisional Identification Level Capability.

The VIRE CBRN/PR-ID carries out the initial detection and identification, rapidly supplying sufficiently precise information allowing immediate reaction from other Units capable of mitigating results of a CBRN event.

Today, there is a steady increase in the Nations to be equipped with these vehicles, due to this type of employment considering the type of threats to be counteracted.

The VIRE CBRN/PR-ID has the main characteristics as follows: – Highly manoeuvrable, self contained and flexible when employed. – Visibly “low-key”. The vehicle is not conspicuous unlike other vehicles of the Law Enforcement. – It is supplied with portable instruments that can immediately detect and identify CBRN threats deriving from toxic substances resulting from natural disasters, industrial disasters, road accidents or terrorist attacks. – The VIRE CBRN/PR-ID gives a precious first response for successive phases of emergency management.

However the primary mission of the VIRE CBRN/PR-ID, is not focused on operating in contaminated zones, in case of danger, it can avert with safety (for the operators) from a contaminated zone, thanks for the COLPRO system installed in the driver’s cabin.