Total Explosive Containment Vehicle(TCV)

HD-5 Total Containment Vessel

American Innovations, Inc. is pleased to introduce to the Military EOD and Civilian Bomb Squad community its new HD-5 Total Containment Vessel (TCV), also known as a Bomb Detonation Chamber or Bomb Transportation Chamber.

This repeat detonation TCV is on the cutting edge of today’s bomb disposal technology. It features a unitary solid-poured cast manganese alloy steel chamber body sealed by a solid steel door secured and sealed by four remotely operable hydraulic expanding interlocks.

The HD-5 chamber is designed to work seamlessly with most existing EOD robots or manually by a single operator when applicable. It can fit through most standard three-foot (91.4 cm) doorways. It can be easily transported to the scene of an incident or suspected device and even taken on most commercial freight elevators that will support its weight. Importantly, the HD-5 provides military and law enforcement personnel the benefits of both enhanced performance and safety benefits, while being significantly less costly than alternative systems, many of which are intended primarily for the transport of suspicious packages, and not their actual destruction by controlled detonation.

Why is the HD-5 superior? Its manganese alloy steel chamber becomes harder and tougher with every detonation, thus maintaining the chamber’s integrity in repeated use. Its compact size and relatively lighter weight means increased mobility and faster deployment than the competition. This means significant savings both in the cost of initial purchase and subsequent post-detonation maintenance, because the HD-5 is designed to be tough enough to be re-used again and again, detonation after detonation.

Our demonstration HD-5 blast chamber has been shot 41 times and is available for live fire demonstrations.

HD 5 – Options – Deluxe Package Also Includes

Power Drive System
Air Compressor
Air Expansion Chamber
Filtration / scrubber system
Electric Winch
Tool Storage Chest
On Board Generator

Specification subject to change without notice

General Features:

Capacity 2.5kg of TNT or equivalent,
Door Latch time < 5 seconds
Door unlatch time < 5 seconds
Door opening 23” dia. (58.42 cm)
Hydraulic System Enerpac, 110 volt single phase, 5000psi max, or 12volt DC.
Power Drive 24 volt DC rechargeable
HD-5 with carriage & hydraulic power unit:
Overall Height 56” (142.24 cm)
Overall Width 36” (91.44 cm)
Overall Length 76” (193.04 cm)
Weight < 1,590 kg
Ground Clearance 8.24” (20.32×0.9525 cm)
Hitch 2” (5.08 cm)
Tires 2.5 x 15.5” (6.35 x 39.37 cm) or
Pneumatic, 6” caster (15.24 cm)

Power Drive System:

Overall Height 39.5” (100.33 cm)
Overall Width 35.5” (90.17 cm)
Overall Length 53” (134.62 cm)
Weight < 250kg
Ground Clearance 5” (12.7 cm)
Hitch 2” (5.08 cm)
Tires 9.5 x 8” (24.13 x 20.32 cm)
HD-5 with Power Drive System
Overall Length 118” (299.72 cm)
Weight < 1750kg
Travel Speed 200 FPM
It features a unitary solid-poured cast manganese
alloy steel chamber body sealed by a solid steel door
secured and sealed by four hydraulic expanding interlocks.